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Marlies Dekkers

MD Dame de Paris Pushup Ivory Bra

$150.00 CAD

Egyptian Ivory

* This Egyptian Ivory padded push-up bra is in a beautiful white jacquard fabric, with a raised pattern of pyramid shapes. Small cushions and closely fitted wires create a dazzling deep décolleté.

* The stunning play of lines refers to the glorious Notre Dame Cathedral and frames your curves beautifully. Sensual straps on the top of the cups put your breasts in the spotlight.

* As an ode to the Goddess Isis and her Serpentine symbol of rebirth, a gold toned talisman shaped like snake is placed at the centre.

BRA AND PANTY PROMO - $25.00 OFF (with a minimum purchase off each item over $100.00). *Special orders and other discounts excluded.